A life well-pretended and not well-livedis better than a well-lived life, unrespected.Pretending life, dejected,because your living wanted to, unexpected. Dislike your shadow, abhor your soul - the easy way to win. To walk alone is the price you payto keep yourself surrounded -to keep the ones you love so close,content, secure, and not astounded. They'd [...]

Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me

I have had some time and insight since my last writing - immersing myself in friends that have become family, church, and reacquainting myself with his revelations and promises to me as an individual. In that time I have recommitted myself to Christ and He invited me to let go of a lot of my [...]

1. Dear Kiddos ;)

You're 11, 10, 7, and 5 right now. It has been several weeks since I decided I couldn't bear supporting the church and faith of my childhood financially or otherwise. It broke my heart and it was the last of a series of heartbreaks that your mother could take from me. I'm writing because there's [...]

The Lord Gives and Takes Away

This has been something on my mind for the last several years.  I've watched my young ones grow up - my youngest isn't a baby anymore - and I'm realizing my parents won't be around forever.  The immortality that I felt as recent as ten years ago was really just the vision of the shortsighted. [...]

Tell Me How

While the church is quickly approaching nearly two hundred years, I have only been alive one-sixth of that time; yet here we are.  Tell me how.