Talk: New Years Eve 2017

I had a friend ask to see my outline and who was inquiring about the response.  So I wrote this up so that I would be able to remember what I shared as well as share it with him. Backstory: When I got the assignment to speak for 10 minutes on "Agency, a blessing and [...]

Introduction to ‘Ponder This…’ – A Talk With God. is amazing to me how radical and rebellious I can feel just by putting scripture side by side with our history, statements from our history, our traditions, and even some current attitudes and statements.  Maybe I am just self-conscious... I am in the right place - in the right church - that can't accept its own imperfection, fallibility, or incompleteness. And God says:  "Teach, Greg."

I am a Child of God: Another Verse

I am a child of God. Whose Life has brought me tears. I’ve tried so hard to do what’s right; It’s hurt through all these years. There’s joy, it’s here, I know it’s somewhere- Help me find the way. If I just learn to force myself, It will surely change someday.

To Me, Myself, and My Own

I yield to desires of our people; being heard comes at great cost and with little benefit. As such, I won't be writing to be heard, I will be writing to study, remember, treasure, and develop myself in the blessings that the Lord has given me. I'll still write, but writing for others and myself is like trying to serve two masters - it can't be done.

Progression: From Strong to Broken

I began to recognize the Spirit of God echoing the message of patience and providing peace. Gospel understanding began to unfold in my ponderings of scripture and what was changing inside me. When it came to spiritual things, I found God's pleasure in listening to and understanding myself rather than judging and condemning. As a result, how I approached the gospel began to change.


I really don't have a picturesque life. I have hurt, I have hidden, I have hungered for closeness, and I have kept people self-destructively at a distance.

Parable of the Talents

Jesus taught about a man who divvies up his wealth to his servants and leaves for a time.  Upon his return, the master asks for an accounting of his three servants’ effort and productivity to find that some had handled what they were given faithfully and had multiplied what was given them.   Meanwhile one of [...]