Agency Talk

Pure Testimony
Zig Zag
Straight shoot
Voices of Prophets


Teach both

Praise of the World
Praise of the Righteous.

Platitudes vs power

Dead words vs Living Water

God of Patience, Grace, Infinite Atonement vs Perfection, Control,

Jesus loves cutters God is no respecter of person.
Live your life from the Embrace of God

Lehigh was circled in the love of God

Messages to repent versus message of God’s pleasure

Not respecting the other person’s time table.

Do you feel lost and Fallen or do you feel like you know exactly where you’re at and you know exactly where God is and how to approach him.
The Kingdom of Heaven is nigh

Milk and honey without money and without price

My yoke is easy my burden is light

Jesus Christ died to make Heaven nigh

Jesus pitched a fit when people deny blessings to others.

Confess not his hand in all things.

Heart singing the song of redeeming love Pharisees were all about slinging stones

We want to be a body and embodiment of God’s judgment or an embodiment of God’s grace.

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