Me? Lead? Like… Organize? Whao! No.

So, just to keep the simplest things simple.  There was a concern someone brought up to me that I’d like to address: I’m not interested in gathering a following of any kind.  If I am right, which I have been assured on enough occasions I am not, then we simply need to learn to engage ourselves, our body of people, and sustain those who lead us in a new ways.

That is all I want.  That is all I feel the Lord really hopes for me to work toward.  My difficulty is that I am not in a conventional position to really do so – and don’t worry, I don’t really want position;  honestly, I don’t think I have next to any real leadership strengths based on our Latter-Day conventions.  That is cool by me.

I place no ads on my site and I ask for no donations of any kind.  Might I eventually consider polishing these things up and organizing them further?  Would I be interested in contributing to some worthwhile endeavor?   Yeah I might and I would, but really there’s little I hope to get from this:

  1. A voice.
  2. A church that is more capable of serving my children in Christ than it was capable of serving me.
  3. The joy of exercising what God has given me – despite my weaknesses – to His glory.
  4. The joy of seeing the results of that effort as it comes together from others moved upon in the same way I am.  I may be only one fiber of a single thread in a tapestry, but I’m glad to be that little fiber.

As such, my mission is to teach the truth, be heard, and not be noticed or regarded.

-It helps that I know next to nothing about SEO 🙂

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